Courthouse Catering Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Here at Courthouse Catering, we understand the environmental impact we have as a business with procuring ingredients, use of equipment and waste produced when we provide our products and services. As a team, we are working together to make the right choices from reducing waste that ends up in the landfills, to the carbon footprint caused by food mileage. As you know we are proud members of the New Forest Marque and Hampshire Fare to provide fresh seasonal and local produce wherever possible. There are also many small changes we are making to make a big difference on waste and as well you know the war on plastic.


What have we done so far?

  • Installed recycling bins in the kitchen to increase the staff use of recycling with most of our packaging from our suppliers
  • From the beginning of 2018, we have been providing biodegradable packaging for our takeaway range of plates, cutlery and beverage cups
  • Providing paper/recyclable straws to our customers
  • Switched to Recycled, Unbleached napkins


What are we planning to do next?

  • We are currently in the transition of replacing our retailed local New forest Spring water from plastic bottles to a much wider recycled glass alternative.
  • As a result of using glass as an alternative to plastic, we will increase the availability of glass recycling with a bin for our customers and staff to encourage safe disposal of glass
  • Finding a cost-effective solution to switching our cleaning products to an eco-friendly alternative to prevent harmful chemicals in our ecosystem
  • Our used coffee grounds are going to be used to help lay the café’s flower bed along with any member of the public be allowed to take some home if they just ask.
  • Any event/party you are planning and it calls for non-conventional partyware, we will do our very best to suggest and source interesting and environmentally friendly items.